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June Event Highlights
June Event Highlights

IBC capped off an exciting June, hosting its annual Cell-Line Development & Engineering, Single-Use Applications for Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing, Vaccine Production Summit, and Next Generation Protein Therapeutics Summit conferences. Each conference brought together a specialized group of industry professionals, who shared ideas and discussed breakthrough topics in order to solve common industry problems.

Cell-Line Development & Engineering

Over 180 scientists, engineers and executives attended IBC's 8th Annual Cell Line Development & Engineering conference on June 6-8 in San Francisco, which was the perfect setting to bring together the industry's leading experts and academics to collaborate and share their latest data, recent achievements and emerging approaches that are helping companies to save time, resources and money.

Single-Use Applications for Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing

200 leading single-use experts, from biotech producers, technology providers and component manufacturers met on June 4-6 at the 9th International Single-Use Applications for Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing to participate in discussions on standards setting, current limitations and the future of downstream single-use technologies, implementation and scaling up challenges, as well as new applications of disposable technologies in bulk storage & shipping, fill/finish processing, sensors and connectors.

Vaccine Production Summit

IBC's 2012 Vaccine Production Summit presented practical advice to help attending companies optimize their production steps from development through commercial production. Attendees learned:

  • Strategies for navigating the regulatory pathways for evaluating and licensing next generation adjuvanted vaccines
  • How to identify the aspects of process development that impact long term manufacturing success across the supply chain
  • Methods for the scale up and transfer of lyophilization processes in moving from clinical to commercial scale production
  • How to use disposable components to reduce the COGS for vaccines
  • Best practices for managing the impacts of excipient changes during formulation development for live virus vaccines
  • The steps needed for developing, validating and maintaining effective potency assays for vaccines

The meeting was co-located with IBC's Single-Use Applications for Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing conference, and it offered those attending opportunities to interact with small and large industry companies to learn how these organizations have solved common process development and manufacturing problems.

Make your plans now to attend the 2013 conference in Durham, NC!

Next Generation Protein Therapeutics Summit

Over 160 industry professionals gathered in San Francisco to network and participate in riveting discussions in the fields of antibodies, protein engineering & design, intracellular biologics, and next-generation biologics. Attendees thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to hear presentations on breakthrough preclinical and clinical data from the latest projects on the most advanced alternative scaffolds from leading companies including Ablynx, Molecular Partners, Pieris, Covagen, and Affibody.

A Snapshot of a session room at IBC's Next Generation Protein Therapeutics Summit

Next Generation Protein Therapeutics Summit

Next month, IBC will be hosting its Drug & Diagnostic Development conference, which features four in-depth conferences under one roof:

  • The Future of Rx/Dx Summit
  • Antibody-Drug Conjugates, Bispecifics & Empowered Antibodies
  • Next-Gen Sequencing Applications & Translational Technologies
  • Clinical Biomarkers & New Frontiers in Cancer

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Biopharmaceutical professionals will also want to check out our 4th Annual BioProcess International China event, where our goal is to bring China and the rest of the world together to explore the missing gaps in China's development, and to help bring China up-to-speed on critical areas such as cell line engineering, media development, analytical characterization strategies to establish similarity between a biosimilar and its originator drug, as well as design of multi-product facilities and implementation of single-use systems.

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