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  • "BPI is a great opportunity to meet leaders, and innovators in this industry."
    - Holzer Margit, VP R&D and Technology, Novasep
  • "The Next Generation Protein Summit conference is one of the best IBC conferences I have ever attended. I like the new ideas and active discussions in the meeting."
    - Liang Tang, Principal Scientist, Bayer Healthcare
  • "Always well worth the ticket price. Excellent industry and agency participation."
    - Jackie McGourty, Emergent Biosolutions
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IBC Life Sciences, a division of Informa, is your connection to the life sciences industry. Through conferences, webinars, podcasts and its suite of integrated marketing solutions, IBC Life Sciences delivers expert knowledge, valuable connections and customized offerings so customers can meet their goals.

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2015-16 Calendar

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Comprehensive Protein Mutagenesis Libraries for Accelerated Enzyme/Biologic Optimization, Variant Discovery and Mutational Mapping

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