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Customer Testimonials

"IBC continues to put together a well organized series of conferences that cover the key topics and areas of interest across the biotech industry. Biopharm Production Week provides an excellent forum to bring together leading scientists and companies to exchange ideas and create networking contacts."
- W.D. Taylor, Director, Business Development, Pfenex

"Biopharmaceutical Development and Production Week provides a fluid representation of the changing landscape of our industry, allowing networking and topical discussion around our industry's current state of the art and the relevant challenges of the day."
- B.D. Monroe, Process Science Fellow, Life Technologies

"IBC's TIDES has become the leading US conference on therapeutic oligos and peptides and the new format of a separate stream on Oligonucleotide Therapeutics Discovery has enhanced the value of this conference even further."
- Michael Gait, Ph.D., MRC Programme Leader, Laboratory of Molecular Biology, Medical Research Council, United Kingdom

"TIDES is definitely the best meeting in the US for companies developing new peptide therapeutics not to be missed."
- Rodney Lax, Director, Business Development, PolyPeptide Laboratories, Inc.

"The Single Use Applications for Biopharm Manufacturing Conference provides useful insight into the current and future direction of disposables. This conference helps to stay current and ahead of the fast changing disposable industry. "
- Shishir Ghia, Development Engineer, Facet Biotech

"IBC Single-Use Conferences are always a great opportunity to be updated on the latest industry trends."
- Jean-François Chaubard, Director, Industrial Viral Bulk Production, GSK Biologicals, Belgium

"A good balance of new products, new technologies and experimental results using disposables technologies. The conference gave a good overview of current activities developing disposable technologies."
- Suzanne Hladun, Global Product Manager for Media and Disposables, Lonza Biologics

"This course was an excellent overview of biomanufacturing. The audience was diverse, but the instructor was able to effectively convey the information to all levels. It was one of the best short courses I have ever taken."
- Kristina Obom, PhD, Center for Biotechnology Education, Johns Hopkins University /BDP

"A great scientific window opened to recent advances in protein engineering alternatives to antibodies"
- Severine Fagete, NovImmune

"Expectations were more than met! Very stimulating with excellent speakers and great audience - informative and fun atmosphere."
- Katja Arndt, University of Potsdam

"AsiaTIDES is a very well prepared and well organized meeting with outstanding lectures in peptide and oligonucleotide chemistry. A visit to the next meeting is highly recommended."
- Peter Lewandrowski, Ph.D., Director and Head of CMC, immatics biotechnologies GmbH, GermanyWee