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The internet is a goldmine of information as long as you can find it. Your customers will appreciate any help you can give them and a link to IBC Life Sciences will provide the first step. By the linking to us, you open a doorway to IBC Life Sciences, where visitors will find the latest focused information for the life sciences industry.

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    Don't waste your valuable time leafing through and studying endless piles of industry journals. Let IBC Life Sciences do the dirty work for you with their Web site. Here you'll find the solutions to many of the problems drug discovery, biopharmaceutical and microtechnology companies are facing today. The conferences, courses, publications and special online features found at this niche site make your future decisions easier and better-informed.

    <p>For more information, contact Elizabeth Gormley, c/o IBC Life Sciences, One Research Drive, Suite 400 A, P.O. Box 5195, Westborough, MA 01581-5195 USA<br>
    Tel: (508) 616-5550, Fax: (508) 616-5533<br>
    E-mail: <a href="mailto:egormley@ibcusa.com">egormley@ibcusa.com</a>,
    On-line: <a href="http://www.ibclifesciences.com/">www.ibclifesciences.com</a> </p>

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