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Vaccine Development & Production Summit


Disease and Pandemic Vaccine Research, Discovery and Innovation

December 08-09, 2014 · Hilton Boston Back Bay · Boston, MA

Event Overview

Event Overview

Accelerate Your Vaccine Pipeline Towards Commercial Success

IBC's Vaccine Development & Production Summit continues to bring you new data on ways to achieve your development and production goals. This year, hear the challenges and triumphs of product developers who continue to advance their innovations to combat emerging and infectious diseases.

From the development of new cell lines to novel formulation strategies to process design and manufacturing considerations, IBC's Vaccine Development & Production Summit gives you access to applicable knowledge that you can readily apply to your own vaccine development portfolio.

Immediately following IBC's Vaccine Development & Production Summit, ensure regulatory compliance in your cleanroom operations by attending IBC's Environmental Monitoring & Contamination Control meeting, taking place on December 10, 2014. Maximize your conference experience by attending both meetings!

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Keynote Presentations

Dr. G.S. Reddy

Emerging Vaccine Markets and Their Potential
G.S. Reddy
Chief General Manager
Indian Immunologicals Limited

Hari Pujar, Ph.D.

Vaccine Globalization
Hari Pujar
Executive Director, Vaccine & Biologics Development

Tina Roecklein, M.S.

Characterization of Conjugate Vaccines from a Regulatory Perspective
Tina Roecklein, M.S.
Consumer Safety Officer, OVRR, DBPAP

Arlene Joyner, MS, PMP

BARDA Core Services Enhancing Vaccine Development and Manufacturing
Arlene Joyner, MS, PMP
Senior Project Officer/Program Manager
Department of Health and Human Services/ASPR/OS/Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA)

New! Hear In-Depth Reports on Promising Cancer Vaccine Developments that are Making National Headlines:

  • Mayo Clinic's large-scale production and purification of a recombinant Measles virus for putting Myeloma into remission
  • Survivor Story: Measles vaccine put her cancer in remission
  • Aduro Biotech's Development of Cellular Immunotherapies to Treat Pancreatic Cancer
  • Harvard Medical School's progress on developing a clinically effective melanoma vaccine

Enhance Your Vaccine Manufacturing Efforts

Learn how today's industry leaders are applying novel strategies and technologies to manufacturing vaccine therapeutics more efficiently while saving time and money

Improve Your Vaccine Therapeutic Efficacy

Discover how adjuvants are accelerating vaccine development efforts by gaining a comprehensive understanding on the role of adjuvants and the challenges faced by vaccinologists today during the creation of next generation vaccines

Avoid Costly Development Mistakes

Hear a panel of experts discuss lessons learned from vaccines cold cases that continue to elude researchers, in addition to learning about impact that new technologies can have on conquering today's diseases and pandemics

Apply Novel Technologies to Enhance Your Research

Discover how flexible and microneedle patch products and technologies can potentially pave the way for painless self-vaccination

Exclusive Interview

Exclusive Interview with Manon M.J. Cox, President and CEO, Protein Sciences Corporation
Protein Sciences Corporation developed the world's first recombinant, highly purified, egg-free influenza vaccine, Flublok®, which the FDA regards as a technological advance in the manufacturing of an influenza vaccine.

Listen to a 7 minute exclusive interview with Manon M.J. Cox.:

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