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TIDES: Oligonucleotide and Peptide Therapeutics from Research through Commercialization


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The #1 Industry Forum for CMC, Clinical and Discovery Scientists to Accelerate Product Development

May 03-06, 2015
Town and Country Resort
San Diego, CA

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"TIDES is an excellent opportunity to connect with the Oligo Industry, staying abreast of the latest developments while formulating strategies for the future." - Giuseppe Whelan, Project Leader, GlaxoSmithKline

"An ideal setting to track progress from discovery through clinical development of peptide therapeutics and related strategies and approaches." - Craig Murphy, Ph.D., Head of Discovery Research, Protagonist Therapeutics, Australia

"TIDES represent the unique opportunity to meet hundreds of high level scientists and professionals in the peptide R&D and manufacturing community in a few days." - Joel Richard, Ph.D., Vice President, Ipsen, France

"I love to come to TIDES. The lectures and posters are very informative and the discussions are brain stimulating." - Meena Meena, Senior Director, WaVe Life Sciences

"TIDES covered a wide range of topics and provided me with a great learning experience. I would recommend anyone to attend, regardless of their experience in the field." - Kelli Jette, Research Associate, Ra Pharmaceuticals Inc.

"TIDES is the premier venue to network with the experts in peptide and oligonucleotide development and to be on the pulse of current status and future trends in Biotech and Pharma." - Alex Fӓssler, Ph.D., COO Europe, Bachem AG, Switzerland

"Very interesting presentations from industry and academia make TIDES an excellent opportunity to know the hot-topics in peptide therapeutics. The dynamic, friendly atmosphere creates good networking opportunities." - Jose De Chastonay, Ph.D., MBA, Chief Marketing Officer, Bachem Group

"One of the great things about TIDES, in addition to the excellent program content, is the large exhibit hall which enables me to meet with many of the most relevant suppliers with just one trip." - Christoph Rosenbohm, Ph.D., Senior Director, Research Operations, Santaris Pharma A/S, Denmark

"TIDES is a great opportunity to network and build relationships with others in the field and to learn about advances in the areas of oligonucleotide research, manufacturing, analytical, and regulatory affairs." - Edward Huber, Ph.D., Director, Quality Control and Analytical Development, Avecia

"The TIDES conferences continue to attract participation from top caliber scientists developing the next generation of oligo/peptide therapeutics as well top notch tech ops, quality, clinical and regulatory personnel and companies to help convert the early stage products to real drugs. Good balance of participation on these skill sets, and a great venue to network and to keep abreast of current thinking in the field." - Jayant Aphale, Ph.D., MBA, RAC, Senior Vice President, Technical Operations, Sarepta Therapeutics

"For me, the TIDES meeting covers everything new between Adenosine to Z-form helix." - Steven F. Dowdy, Ph.D., Professor, Cellular and Molecular Medicine, UCSD School of Medicine

"I was pleasantly surprised to meet key players in the field of peptide research and learn about industrial implementations" - Ephraim Brener, Healor, Inc.

"Right balance between basic research and commercial applications" - Peter Timmerman, Pepscan Therapeutics

"The fact that small peptides usually lack a well-defined tertiary structure often makes them aggregation-prone, and simultaneously their small size presents problems for many common analytical techniques, so it can be a 'perfect storm' situation." - John Philo, Ph.D., Vice President, Alliance Protein Laboratories, Inc.

"This is a single conference connecting the latest developments on peptide and oligonucleotide innovation." - Farooq Z. Qureshi, Ph.D., Senior Principal Scientist, Research Leader, Pharmaceutical and Analytical R&D, Hoffmann-La Roche Inc.

"TIDES is an excellent opportunity to gain knowledge into the vastly expanding area of peptides and oligonucletides. Furthermore, it gives attendees an invaluable chance for networking and building relationships with other experts in the field." -Barry P. O'Connor, Ph.D., Research Scientist, R&D, Sekisui Medical Co., LTD., Japan

"At the TIDES annual conference, you have an opportunity to build potential partnerships and relationships that will help you both personally and professionally." - William Turner, Vice President, Regulatory Affairs and Corporate Quality Systems, Dynavax Technologies

"I've looked over the entire agenda and the TIDES 2012 seems like it will be one of the best, if not THE best, meeting I'll attend in 2012." - Richard A. Montagna, Ph.D., Senior Vice President for Corporate Business Development & Scientific Affairs, Rheonix, Inc.

"The TIDES conferences are a key venue to learn about early to late stage advances for all types of peptides and oligonucleotides therapeutics, and to learn from multiple disciplines across research and discovery, manufacturing, regulatory and clinical. The snapshot provided by TIDES is an efficient way to keep up on the field and meet a full spectrum of professionals that are making it happen." - Bob D. Brown, Ph.D., Dicerna Pharmaceuticals

"TIDES is a terrific venue to connect with colleagues in the peptide community, see new advances made in the development of peptides, and to discuss commonly encountered hurdles and the potential solutions to overcome them." - Angelika Fretzen, Ph.D., Ironwood Pharmaceuticals

"The TIDES conference is the pre-eminent event to present and discuss the resurgence of synthetic biologics." - Ian Lewis, Ph.D., Novartis Institutes of Biomedical Research, Switzerland

"Learn the valuable lesson in 30 minutes that took us 20 years to understand: how peptide aggregation-much more ubiquitous than once realized-can damage your clinical trials and, once solved, can enable success." - Candace B. Pert, Ph.D., RAPID Laboratories, Inc.

"Excellent oligonucleotide chemistry, discovery and optimization" - Steve Shrewsbury, AVI Biopharma

"The new format of a separate stream on Oligonucleotide Therapeutics Discovery has enhanced the value of this conference even further " - Michael Gait, Medical Research Council, United Kingdom

"TIDES is an excellent meeting to catch up on the latest efforts in industry on peptide therapeutics and technologies" - Suresh M. Pitram, Senior Research Investigator, Integrated Diagnostics

"Definitely the best meeting in the US for companies developing peptide therapeutics; not to be missed" - Rodney Lax, Ph.D., Senior Director, PolyPeptide Group

"I have never heard so many good lectures in so little time. Excellent program! Would go again next year." - Peter Timmerman, Chief Technology Officer, Pepscan Therapeutics

"TIDES 2011 was a very productive conference. I had lots of good meetings, with many types of companies. The marriage of the conferences on discovery and manufacturing will make this event a must be for people interested in the TIDES, particularly the oligonucleoTIDES field." - Sven Klussmann, Ph.D., Chief Scientific Officer, NOXXON Pharma AG, Germany

"The TIDES 2011 Conference was a very well organised event. I enjoyed the conference and found it a very good networking platform with vendors and other attendees from various pharmaceutical companies. I shared my latest data in a poster presentation which sparked off some interesting conversations, and I will be applying my learning's from the conference in my day to day investigations." - Nainesh Patel, Senior Scientist, GlaxoSmithKline, UK