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TIDES: Oligonucleotide and Peptide Therapeutics from Research through Commercialization


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The #1 Industry Forum for CMC, Clinical and Discovery Scientists to Accelerate Product Development

May 03-06, 2015
Town and Country Resort
San Diego, CA

10 Interesting Facts about the TIDES 2012 Speakers

10 Interesting Facts about the TIDES 2012 Speakers

  1. Can you guess which speaker was once a champion pig carcass judge at age 18?
    A. Rodney Lax, Senior Director of Business Development, PolyPeptide Group
  2. Which speaker played piano professionally in a jazz group at age 14?
    A. Richard Montagna, Senior Vice President, RHEONIX, INC
  3. Who wanted to grow up to be a motivational speaker for Walt Disney?
    A. Bertha deLanda, IRB Training Specialist, Stanford University
  4. Do you know which speaker was once an ice skating instructor?
    A. Stacie Schroeder, Senior Vice President, Sales & Marketing, Bachem Americas, Inc.
  5. Which speaker had the childhood ambition of becoming a 5-star cook?
    A. Peter Timmerman, Head of Chemistry, Pepscan Therapeutics
  6. Can you guess which speaker was the lead guitarist for the rock band Spoilt Brats, recognized for his twin-necked electric guitar, as well as his long hair and beard?
    A. Mick McLean, CEO, Pro-Cure Therapeutics Ltd.
  7. Who wanted to grow up to become an Elite Commando/World Champion in Tang Soo Do?
    A. Charles Simons, Project Manager, Prosensa
  8. Which speaker grew up in Alaska with the childhood desire to become a professional snowplow driver?
    A. Arthur Krieg, CEO, RaNA Therapeutics
  9. Which speaker wanted to become an astronaut as a youngster?
    A. Jens Finnman, Process Validation Specialist, PolyPeptide Group
  10. Which speaker is also a deacon at his church, as well as an Old Spice deodorant fanatic?
    A. Daniel Haines, Scientific Advisor, SCHOTT North America, Inc.

For information on TIDES 2012, where you can hear more from the fascinating conference faculty, view the agenda.