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Next Generation Protein Therapeutics

June 13-15, 2016 * Parc 55 Hilton, San Francisco, CA



Drive the future of molecule design further.
Accelerate promising new molecules into differentiated products.

Cross-Fertilize Ideas from Multiple Disciplines and Turn Promising New Molecules into Differentiated Products

June 13-15, 2016
Parc 55 Hilton
San Francisco, CA

Event Overview

Event Overview


Deep dive into new case studies and unpublished data to achieve greater clinical success with your own candidates.

Learn more about

  • Improving half-life extension, potency, selectivity, and developability through creative engineering and design approaches
  • Creating new pathways for the development, translation, and delivery of immunotherapies
  • Developing next generation bispecifics with superior manufacturability, stability and payload capabilities
  • Designing applications beyond cancer for a number of major human diseases
  • Utilizing toll like receptors, ion channels, and gcprs that provide breakthrough solutions far beyond standard biologics

View 40+ new data presentations and case studies

Meet luminaries advancing molecule design.

  • Get direct access to global visionaries and learn exactly how you can apply their scientific and technical breakthroughs and methodologies back in your laboratory.
  • Leverage 8+ networking breaks and a combined exhibit hall to make new connections & advance your career.
  • Hear and share uncensored perspectives, concerns and experiences on the topics shaping and expanding the frontiers for novel biologics at the moderated, roundtable lunch discussions.

Learn more about who you'll meet and when

Increase your molecule's viability by collaborating across departments and stages of development.

  • Breakdown barriers between stages of development to improve manufacturability and clinical success rates
  • Collectively share ideas, strategies and solutions to streamline the transition from discovery to process and product development
  • Work collaboratively to overcome your greatest challenges from reducing risk to expediting timelines.

Learn why cross-fertilizing ideas is key to drug development success