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Cell Therapy Bioprocessing


Applying the Latest Scientific and Technical Innovations to Build the Bridge from Proof of Concept to Commercialization

September 15-16, 2014 · Sheraton Pentagon City Hotel · Arlington, VA

Conference Partner: International Society for Cellular Therapy (ISCT)

Welcome Letter

Welcome Letter

Applying the Latest Scientific and Technical Innovations to Build the Bridge from Proof of Concept to Commercialization

Dear Colleagues,

We are pleased to announce IBC's 4th Annual Cell Therapy Bioprocessing conference, and we hope you are as excited as us to see the evolution in the content and faculty we have lined up for our 2014 event.

The field of Cell Therapy is lucky to have IBC's commitment to organizing a conference focused on the analytical, process and manufacturing sciences that are specific to living cell-based products. Furthermore, this program could not have come together without the commitment and dedication of both the exemplary Scientific Advisory Committee and faculty for share their time, ideas, data and best practices with us again this year. Thank you all.

There has been a tremendous amount of "Product Innovation" in living cell-based products over the last 2 decades delivering exciting clinical outcomes in small scale trials. We are now in the era of "Cell Therapy Process Innovation" - where an investment in processing may optimize the products' intended outcomes but almost certain improve their commercializability. Manufacturing and production processes need to be scaled-up or scaled-out with a goal of increasing production demands while maintaining the qualities and functions of these unique, living cell products, all while reducing the costs. IBC's Cell Therapy Bioprocessing conference has organized a program of speakers at the forefront of this Process Innovation.

The program will cover the technical, regulatory, and commercial aspects of several topics, including:

  • Analytical characterization and metrology to better understand the products we are making
  • Evolution of production technologies for manufacturing cellular therapies more efficiently and at larger scales
  • Overcoming downstream bioprocessing bottlenecks with thoughtful innovations to proactively address and the fact that many of the cell therapies in development present unmet challenges in the "post-harvest processing" of cells
  • Unique handling considerations, point-of-care preparation, and requirements between the manufacturing suite or repository and the point of healthcare delivery.

A central theme to the whole field is being able to deliver cell-based products at commercially-relevant scale, physician-friendly formats, and at cost of goods that can support successful commercialization. If even a few of the industry's current wave of products succeed through late-stage clinical development, this field will leverage our bioprocessing progress to build a sustainable industry. Patient-specific therapies are enjoying a surge of investment, and much of it will be used to solve the specific challenges of high throughput single-patient lot manufacturing. There are also several exciting forward-looking presentations on next generation technologies and products that are anticipated to have significant impact on the field moving forward.

We hope you agree that this year's program represents a continued evolution of this event's outstanding reputation of quality content. We look forward to seeing you at this year's event in September.

Jon Rowley, Ph.D.
Chief Executive & Technology Officer
RoosterBio Inc.

Lee Buckler
Founder and Managing Director
Cell Therapy Group

Barry Walsh
Conference Director and Project Leader
IBC Life Sciences