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BioProcess International Conference & Exposition

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Conference: October 04-07, 2016 * Exposition:  October 5-07, 2016 * Boston Convention and Exhibition Center, Boston, MA


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Conference: October 04-07, 2016 · Exhibition: October 17-19, 2016 · Boston Convention and Exhibition Center · Boston, MA

Cell Culture & Upstream Processing

Cell Culture & Upstream Processing

Cell Culture & Upstream Processing Preliminary Agenda

  • Optimize transition into early stage development and cell line development
  • Apply integrated continuous processing for cell culture
  • Accelerate & optimize development of cell culture processes for new modalities
  • Process understanding, control, and improvements at clinical and commercial scale
  • Impact of process conditions on product quality

Wednesday-Friday, October 5-7, 2016

Featured Presentation - Optimizing Transition for Multiple Modalities
Martin Allen, Pfizer

Novel Technologies To Characterize Productivity and Stability of Different Clones in Bioprocessing
John Proctor, Berkeley Lights

Scaling-up Integrated Continuous Bioprocesses for Commercialization
Neha Shah, Sanofi

Process Redevelopment: The Effect of Varying Media and Feed Combinations on Glycosylation Profile
Michael Bennett, Patheon

Accelerated CHO-Cell Culture Perfusion Processes using Novel Frozen Seed Bag (FSB)
Nikhil Ramsubramaniam, Merck & Co.

Developing a Robust Control Strategy for Sustainable Upstream Commercial Manufacturing
Kartik Subramanian, AbbVie

Developing Single Use Technology (SUT) Cell Expansion Process to Improve Legacy Cell Culture Processes
Jean Hsu, Sanofi

Driving Value for Cell Culture Commercial Manufacturing Through Process Understanding and Continuous Improvements
Nefiola Kaso, AbbVie

The Use of a Novel Single Cell Dielectrophoretic (DEP) Cytometer to Monitor Changes in CHO Cell Metabolism
Mike Butler, University of Manitoba

Expanding the Glycan Code for Mammalian Expressed Glycoproteins
Patrick Hossler, AbbVie

Panel Discussion - Accelerating to GLP Material - How to Mitigate Risk? What has the Regulatory Response Been to this Approach?
Moderator: Pranhitha Reddy