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AsiaTIDES: Oligonucleotide and Peptide Research, Technology and Product Development


Where Global Oligonucleotide and Peptide Leaders Connect to Share Groundbreaking Science and Form Successful Business Collaborations

February 24 - February 26,--> 2016 · Kyoto, Japan



"I've attended AsiaTIDES 2013 and must say that it's been the best RNAi Therapeutics-related conference in Asia that I have experienced. A great place to network, connect the East and West, and catch up with the latest cutting-edge science." - Dirk Haussecker, D. Phil, Assistant Professor, Medical Biotechnology, Dongguk University, South Korea

"The preeminent conference in Japan on the development of therapeutic oligos and peptides, and brings together a majority of the leaders in the field." - Patrick C. Reid, Ph.D., Chief Scientific Officer, PeptiDream Inc., Japan

"A well-organized, informative meeting providing a great overview of the oligonucleotide field and the opportunity to network with current and potential collaborators in a nice setting." - Pamela A. Pavco, Ph.D., Chief Development Officer, RXi Pharmaceuticals, USA

"My first time attending AsiaTIDES was very enjoyable. AsiaTIDES brought my company meaningful information widely. I was very happy meeting the delegates from American/Europe, and Asian companies… The balance was good in oligonucleotide and peptide. I enjoyed conference hopping." - Dr. Yoshitsugu Akiyama, Senior Research Scientist, NOF Corporation, Japan

"The TIDES series of conferences is an indispensable catalyst for the industry, bringing expert people together to share their knowledge and address common issues, ensuring that we can grow our respective enterprises and help TIDES-based medicine flourish. A unique opportunity to hear the latest developments in the field across all disciplines and hear how industry colleagues are rising to the challenges. Over and above the informative presentations will be the invaluable networking with experienced and knowledgeable individuals." - Allison L. Morgan, Vice President, Clinical Research and Development, Prosensa Therapeutics, The Netherlands

"At TIDES I have the opportunity to meet clients and industry collaborators, to educate myself enormously about current projects, new products and new potential therapies. I think we will be part of the breakthrough in taking medicine that step further in treating complicated and pernicious diseases which still remain today incurable. (I believe)… the combination of peptides and oligonucleotides represent a combined ingredient class in therapeutics which will break the back of cancer and other diseases that have plagued mankind for all our history. It's a special, special event. I always enjoy myself and find it incredibly enriching and rewarding." - Lester Mills, Ph.D., MBA, Chief Marketing Officer, Bachem Holding AG, Switzerland

"A very well prepared and well organized meeting with outstanding lectures in peptide and oligonucleotide chemistry. A visit to the next meeting is highly recommended." - Peter Lewandrowski, Ph.D., Director and Head of CMC, immatics biotechnologies GmbH, Germany

"Excellent opportunity to update on oligonucleotide technologies, collaborate and share experiences and issues in this space." - Tracey M. Sunderland, DMLS, Chief Operating Officer, CoDa Therapeutics, Inc., New Zealand

"AsiaTIDES 2010 was extremely productive. The senior players who attended and the intimacy of the conference afforded many opportunities for networking with current and potential collaborators. It's a great forum if you want to further your scientific knowledge and meet new partners." - Peter Lutwyche, Ph.D., Senior Vice President, Pharmaceutical Development, Tekmira Pharmaceuticals Corporation, Canada

"AsiaTIDES is the unique conference that offers the players (pharma, biotechs and CMOs) a great overview of the 'tides' field. As usual in this conference, excellent papers are presented and this is a very good networking opportunity." - Mimoun Ayoub, Ph.D., Vice President, Strategic Development, Peptisyntha, Member of the SOLVAY Group, Belgium

"TIDES and AsiaTIDES are great places to follow up, to trace peptide clinical trials and regulatory updates... A 'must attend.'" - Shawn Lee, President and CEO, CPC Scientific Inc., USA