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San Diego Convention Center

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Antibody Engineering & Therapeutics


The #1 Forum for Academia and lndustry to Connect for Scientific Exchange and Networking in Antibody Engineering & Therapeutics, lmmunobiology and Next-Generation Binders

December 07-10, 2015
San Diego Convention Center
San Diego, CA

Event Overview

Event Overview

San Diego waterfront

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Returning to San Diego in 2015
Antibody Engineering & Therapeutics 2015
December 7-10, 2015
San Diego Convention Center
San Diego, CA

2014 Event Wrap-Up

Accelerate Your Antibody Research, Discovery Efforts and Clinical Programs

  • Find new antibody targets beyond the low-hanging fruit - strategies for targeting difficult antigens
  • Learn about development strategies for ADCs, bispecifics, fusions, antibody combinations and other complex molecules/next-generation antibodies
  • Exploit immune checkpoints for target discovery, new agent design and preclinical/clinical development
  • Engineer improved antibody developability - expression, solubility and polyreactivity
  • Develop antibody therapeutics for multiple non-cancer indications including diabesity, autoimmune disease and multiple sclerosis
  • Get the latest data and lessons learned from numerous preclinical and clinical antibody therapeutic projects

2014 Conference Meeting Preview

2014 Conference Meeting Preview

Read the 2014 Antibody Engineering & Therapeutics preview featured in the November/December 2014 issue of mAbs.

Authors: Larrick JW, Parren PWHI, Huston JS, Plückthun A Tomlinson IM, Chester KA, Burton DR, Adams GP, Weiner LM, Scott JK, Alfenito MR, Veldman T, Reichert JM

» View the Preview (PDF)

New in 2014

  • Targets, Targets, Targets - multiple sessions to help you find and exploit difficult targets to expand the potential range of antibody therapeutics
  • Antibodies for Multiple Disease Indications - case studies in diabesity, asthma, multiple sclerosis, migraine, atopic dermatitis, muscle growth, inflammation, host defense, cancer and more
  • Antibodies with Enhanced Functionality - find more strategies and case studies on bispecifics, ADCs, fusions and other complex antibody molecules
  • Immunotherapy and Immune Checkpoints - two new sessions on immunomodulation strategies, targets and clinical successes
  • Antibody Developability - learn how to "design in" developability and manufacturability to create better molecules with a higher chance of clinical success
  • Advances in Precision Targeting - hear the latest techniques and methods to combine optimal target binding with optimal effector mechanisms
  • The Nuts and Bolts of Antibody Development - from discovery to the clinic and beyond, find out what it takes to bring an antibody to market
  • More Preclinical and Clinical Data and case studies than ever before
Antibody Engineering & Therapeutics 2013 photo Antibody Engineering & Therapeutics 2013 photo Antibody Engineering & Therapeutics 2013 photo

View Photos from Antibody Engineering 2013!

2013 Highlights

2013 Speaker Presentations Now Available

Leroy Hood, M.D., Ph.D.; William Schief, Ph.D.; David Baker, Ph.D.; and Dr. Paul Parren

» Download the Brochure to Watch Full Antibody Engineering & Therapeutics 2013 Keynote and Speaker Video Presentations

Attendee Testimonials

What do last year's attendees have to say about their experience?

"Comprehensive coverage. In-depth analyses of the past, present and outlook of the antibody therapyfield/industry" - Li-Hsien Wang, Regeneron

"The high quality of the proceedings was topped off by the motivated speakers excellently and clearly summarizing the recent developments in the field! A pure delight to attend - thank you!" - Monica Schaller, University Hospital Bern Inselspit

"I am new in the antibody therapeutic field and this conference provides significant amounts of valuable information to me." - Ulrik Lademann, Senior Scientist, Symphogen

» Read more testimonials

BDP Week 2014 photo BDP Week 2014 photo BDP Week 2014 photo

Science Paper on IgG Hexamers

Complement Is Activated by IgG Hexamers Assembled at the Cell Surface

Read the full manuscript of "Complement Is Activated by IgG Hexamers Assembled at the Cell Surface" from Science. The paper is based on the presentation by Janine Schuurman of Genmab at Antibody Engineering & Therapeutics 2013.

(To access the Science paper: Click on the link below, then go to "Related Links" on left side of the homepage, and click on "Science Paper IgG Hexamers")

» View the Paper (PDF)