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IBC Life Sciences Announces 5 Scientific Conferences Offered at Drug Discovery & Development Week
IBC Life Sciences Announces 5 Scientific Conferences Offered at Drug Discovery & Development Week

New Format, New Focus, New Event taking place August 3-6, 2009 in Boston, MA

IBC Life Sciences announced dates for 5 scientific conferences that will offer attendees sessions about practical tools, innovative strategies and concrete examples to accelerate small molecules, antibody therapeutics and oligonucleotide therapeutics from discovery to the clinic.

IBC's Next Wave of Antibody Therapeutics - August 3-5, 2009
This conference brings together leading companies in the field of antibody conjugation and features emerging data on multiple antibody combinations projects, bi-specifics/multi-specifics and new approaches to improve potency and efficacy.

Oligonucleotide Therapeutics - From Concept to Implementation - August 3-5, 2009
This conference addresses the question that is currently overwhelming the oligo drug discovery and development industry: Are We Leveraging on the Promise? If so, where are the proofs of implementation and how do we leapfrog this industry forward?

New Frontiers in Cancer Drug Development - August 4-6, 2009
This conference focuses on bridging the gap between discovery science, clinical science and clinical trial design to improve translation from preclinical to clinical in order to increase cancer drug approval rates.

Targets in Context: Linking Targets to Disease - August 4-6, 2009
This conference looks specifically at how companies are currently linking targets to disease more effectively - through the use of innovative tools and approaches- and ultimately showing proof-of-concept in the clinic.

Drug Safety Strategies to De-Risk Compounds - August 4-5, 2009 This conference provides you with the latest data from preclinical models to predict hepatotoxicity, cardiotoxicity and muscle toxicity that are having an impact today on decisions about whether to progress a compound or withdraw it from development.

"Based on feedback from our attendees, sponsors and scientific advisory board members, we decided it was time to separate what was once a larger format conference, into five focused scientific content areas. This enables attendees to get the practical information that applies in their specific job situations," said Michael Keenan, Project Manager and Producer at IBC Life Sciences. "And even in this current economic time, drug discovery and development is still moving forward and companies need to position themselves to take advantage of future development opportunities, targeted areas of growth, and new scientific approaches and technologies to become more efficient," said Keenan.

Attendees may choose to attend one conference or attend for the week. This event also includes an exhibit hall, open to attendees. Complete details on these events can be found at www.drugdisc.com.

Writers and editors are encouraged to attend. For a press pass please contact Keri Dostie at kdostie@ibcusa.com

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